Road salt

Icy pavements and roads can lead to disaster. Smooth surfaces in winter can cause a variety of problems, from easy slipping to major car accidents. To prevent property damage, injury, or death, it is important for the surfaces to defrost. This is usually achieved by sprinkling road salt.

In order to improve the general road safety conditions and reduce the possibility of freezing, roads are sprinkled with sea or rock salt.


There are a number of salts that lower the freezing temperature of water, but for environmental and economic reasons, chlorides are mainly used: NaCl, CaCl2 and MgCl2, which we are able to offer to our customers. In order to improve the general road safety conditions and reduce the possibility of freezing, roads are sprinkled with sea or rock salt.

Salt intended for road sprinkling is delivered in standard granulation 0-4 mm, with a moisture content of less than 3%. We are able to deliver other granulations depending on the wishes and needs of our customers. To protect the environment, we supply salt with anti-curing agent in the permitted amount, not less than 40 ppm, not more than 160 ppm of anti-curing agent.

Technical characteristics

NaCl content min. 95%

Established: 98,45%

Content of insoluble substances

Maximum. 2%

Anti-curing agent

Maximum 160 ppm

Average Analysis / Granulation

Grains/mm Established
4.00/8.00 4maks. 15% 412,32%
42.00/4.00 420-50% 431,48%
40.50/2.00 440-70% 450,53%
40.50 maks. 10% 5,67%


Maximum 4%

Established: 2,30 %

Anti-curing agent:

Makismalno 160 mg/kg

Established: 69,30 mg/kg

We are certified by authorized laboratories

In order to prove the quality of road salt, which we deliver to customers on request.

The melting point of ice is different depending on the type of salt. Thus, due to its characteristics, NaCl is effectively used up to a temperature of -7 °C, for lower temperatures CaCl2 is recommended, and if necessary, special mixtures of NaCl and CaCl2. By using these agents, ice can be melted effectively in temperatures of up to -33 ° C.





The effectiveness of road salt in preventing accidents is undeniable. Most importantly, it saves lives, whichever salt you choose. Research has shown that road salt reduces crashes by 93%, injuries by 85% and accident costs by 85%.



Road salt in bulk (approx. 25 tons)

We deliver directly to your warehouse within 1-2 days.


25 kg bags

Salt in 25 kg bags facilitates your battle with snow and ice. Practical packaging for use.


NaCl – sodium chloride

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is used as a dry or wet salt and in the form of a saturated solution. It appears in the use of several types of NaCl: sea salt, rock salt and evaporated salt, i.e. salt produced by evaporation of salt water.

Packaging: bulk and 25 kg bags.


CaCl2 – Ecological defroster for dry road sprinkling

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is the best choice for melting snow and ice on roads, sidewalks, parking lots, garage entrances and exits, uphills and footpaths.

It melts snow and ice faster.

Depending on the temperature, CaCl2 is enough for 1/5 of the amount of road salt.

Calcium chloride granulate does not freeze even at -25 °C, so it does not cause any damage to the concrete.

CaCl2 leaves no traces or dry residues on the treated surfaces. This way it does not cause pipe clogging and does not require any cleaning.

Calcium chloride is also used as an artificial fertilizer and has no harmful effects on plants, which is why it is called an ecological defroster. It is a biologically acceptable agent that is extremely effective and environmentally friendly.

We deliver it in bags of 25 kg, which is enough for about 500m2.

Due to the small required quantities, resulting from the high efficiency of calcium chloride, storage, and transport costs are reduced, and the sprinkling vehicle can treat a larger area at once.


MgCl2 – magnesium chloride

Magnesium chloride (MgCl2) is used as a dry or wet salt in the form of flakes (47%) or in the form of a 20-30% solution.

Packaging: 25 kg bags


About us

PELOT GROUP, with its three members, dealing with the production and distribution of sea and rock salt. In recent years, PELOT Slovenia and PELOT GLOBE have become one of the main suppliers of salt in the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia and in neighbouring countries.

We have a closed storage area, meaning that we are always able to deliver salt to our customers in the shortest possible time.


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