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PELOT d.o.o. SLOVENIA is part of the PELOT GROUP, which consists of EGYPT GLOBE and PELOT CROATIA.

The main activity of the company is the production, import and distribution of sea and rock salt for sprinkling roads in winter. EGYPT GLOBE is one of the largest salt producers in Egypt.

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Road salt

Icy pavements and roads can lead to disaster. Smooth surfaces in the winter can cause a variety of problems, from easy slipping to major car accidents.

To prevent property damage, injury, or death, it is important for the surfaces to defrost. This is usually achieved by sprinkling road salt.


Packing at your location

We are able to pack various granules in bags of 10 to 25 kg of salt, pellets, fertilizers, sand, cereals, etc.

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About us

PELOT GROUP, with its three members, dealing with the production and distribution of sea and rock salt. In recent years, PELOT Slovenia and PELOT GLOBE have become one of the main suppliers of salt in the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia and in neighbouring countries.

We have a closed storage area, meaning that we are always able to deliver salt to our customers in the shortest possible time.


PELOT storitveno podjetje d.o.o.

Spodnji Plavž 6a,

4270 Jesenice


Tel: 045862215

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