About salt

Sea salt

is obtained in salt evaporation ponds by evaporation of sea water (sea) in large shallow salt pans. This is also the industrial way of obtaining salt. The evaporation process begins in the first basin where the NaCl concentration is lowest (seawater) and ends in the last basin in which the seawater is so supersaturated that salt settles to the bottom of the basin. Drying is carried out only in summer months when the conditions for production are most favourable (bora and sun).

Rock salt

is sea salt that formed several million years ago due to the drying of the great oceans. It is obtained from natural deposits by digging and extracting from rock salt mines, by pumping, concentrating and evaporating salt water from underground deposits. Mining produces salt blocks that are dissolved for industrial purposes or crushed and ground for the food industry. Such rock salt is usually very pure and contains only traces of magnesium.

Refined salt

As sea water is rich in sodium chloride, salt is also obtained by evaporation (in warm regions) or freezing (in cold regions) of seawater in shallow basins. Sea salt is the least pure and contains quite a lot of magnesium (w(MgO) = 0.5 to 1.2%). The amount of magnesium in sea salt depends on the method of crystallization. If it crystallizes from less concentrated solutions (26 ° Be ~ 1.219g cm-3), the salt contains very little magnesium. In addition, it is important whether the salt is collected every day or once a year. During daily harvesting, the content of magnesium compounds in sodium chloride is maximal (w (MgO) = 1.5%). Such salt is bitter and very hygroscopic. Large amounts of salt are consumed for human and animal food. For human consumption, salt usually needs to be iodized beforehand.


About us

PELOT GROUP, with its three members, dealing with the production and distribution of sea and rock salt. In recent years, PELOT Slovenia and PELOT GLOBE have become one of the main suppliers of salt in the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia and in neighbouring countries.

We have a closed storage area, meaning that we are always able to deliver salt to our customers in the shortest possible time.


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